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Aircraft Seat Cushion

Greiner Aerospace

Greiner Aerospace is a full service provider for aircraft seating comfort and style. We can fulfill all customer needs from long to short haul, from economy to first class. Cushions are the most important part of an aircraft seat, giving comfort, well-being and safety.

Greiner aerospace can supply turnkey solutions for the whole range of airline customized dress covers. Through our in-house fitting departments, we create perfectly fitting dress covers for cushions, giving our customers an easy comprehensive solution for their cover needs. Our dress covers range from economy class to high-end premium products. We offer a variety of different dress cover techniques.

Range of products offered:
  • Aircraft cushions
  • Dress covers
  • Service such as FAIs, Burn tests, Minor modifications, Installation approvals, Comfort workshops, Pressure mapping, Technology days and In-house wear and durability testing

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