Aero Tritunggal

Inflight Products

Fresh & Clean Range

A unique range of aircraft cabin and inflight products.

3-in-1 Fresh & Clean

The approved Fresh and Clean 3in1 provide a unique combination of an air freshener, surface cleaner and disinfectant.

  • Deodorizes, sanitises, purifies
  • Non flammable
  • Environmentally friendly
Fresh & Clean Hand Soap

Anti-Bacterial & moisturizing Hand Soap

  • pH balanced
  • Biodegradable
  • Available in liquid or foaming
Fresh & Clean Deodorant Disc

A powerful, Market-Leading Air Freshener Disc

  • Strong fragrance
  • Longer lasting
Fresh & Clean In-Flight Wipes
  • Aero-Screen: Aircraft anti-static screen wipe
  • Aero-Freshener: Aircraft passenger refresher wipe
  • Aero-Clean: Aircraft surface cleaner wipe
  • Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitser: Aircraft crew and passenger wipe
Aircraft Glass Cleaner
  • Water based
  • Streak free formulation
Emergency Cleaning Kits

Cleaning kits which readily support the in-flight cleaning procedures of airline cabin crew

Contents :

  • Disposable wipes
  • Disposable nitrile gloves
  • Absorbent granules
  • Absorbent cloth
  • Scoop and scraper
  • Bio Hazard waste bag

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